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Project Structure

Everybody likes to structure their projects differently, and electron-webpack is aware of that. For the most part, the only configurations needed are entry points for webpack to step in.

If you are looking to follow common electron practices or wanting an example template, make sure to check out electron-webpack-quick-start. It has the bare minimun setup, but can be easily modified to meet many needs. The use of this template, of course, is optional.

Default Structure

Below is the default file tree that electron-webpack expects without any custom configuration. Please know that source directories can be adjusted to meet your needs (more info).

├─ src/
│  ├─ main/
│  │  └─ index.js
│  ├─ renderer/
│  │  └─ index.js
│  └─ common/
└─ static/
Main Process (src/main/)

Here you can add all of your main process code.

Renderer Process (src/renderer/) [optional]

Here you can add all of your renderer process code. Bundling of the renderer process is optional for cases where you may want to use an external tool such as electron-next. Notice that there isn’t a entry index.html, that’s because it is created for you (more info).

Common Scripts (src/common/) [optional]

This is a convenient place where you can place utility type files that you expect to use between both processes. Thanks to webpack aliasing, you can easily import files from here using the common alias.

Static Assets (static/) [optional]

There are some instances were we may not want webpack to bundle particular assets, like those being consumed by modules like fs. Here is where we can put them and then reliably access them in both development and production (more info).

webpack entry points

One important thing to notice is that electron-webpack expects that your main process and renderer process source code is separated using different directories. Within each process’s directory, one of the following entry files is expected…

  • index.js / main.js
  • index.ts / main.ts (when using the TypeScript add-on)

The entry files are the main starting point of your webpack bundle, so everything found within its dependency tree will be bundled.