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Using Static Assets

When using webpack to bundle all of our assets together we lose the ability to provide a full path to our assets. This is especially important when we need to use modules like fs or those that require a file path to an asset. electron-webpack is aware of that issue and provides a solution.

You may have noticed in Project Structure there is a directory specifically for static assets (static/). It is here where we can put assets we explicity don’t want webpack to bundle. So now how can we access their path?

Using the __static variable

Similar to how __dirname can provide you with a path to the parent directory name when working in a Node.js environment, __static is made available to provide you a path to your static/ folder. This variable is available in both development and production.

Use Case

Let’s say we have a static Text file (foobar.txt) we need to read into our application using fs. Here’s how we can use the __static variable to get a reliable path to our asset.

someScript.js (main or renderer process)
import fs from 'fs'
import path from 'path'

/* use `path` to create the full path to our asset */
const pathToAsset = path.join(__static, '/foobar.txt')

/* use `fs` to consume the path and read our asset */
const fileContents = fs.readFileSync(pathToAsset, 'utf8')

// => "foobarbizzbuzz"